Zahir Name Meaning is Evident, Obvious, Apparent, Clear, Open. ; According to a user from Pakistan, the name Zakir is of Arabic origin and means "Gift and a man who remembers god much". And Hasan means beautiful. This can also be an alternate transcription of Arabic زاهر (see ZAAHIR (1) ) or ظاهر (see ZAAHIR (2) ). User Submitted Meanings. Ẓāhir (Arabic: ظاهر ‎) is an Arabic term in some tafsir (interpretations of the Quran) for what is external and manifest. The name Zahir is a boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "helper, supporter". One of the 99 names of Allah. The name Az-Zahir was borne as one of the many of names of Allah in the Quran, of the meaning 'The Manifest'. Zahir is a Muslim Boy name and has Arabic origin. A submission from Canada says the name Zakir means "One who remembers God. Zaheer is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. The name Zaahir if starting with the Arabic letter zaal would mean shining, or radiant, or elevated. A popular name in the Middle East and one of the most evocative choices of its genre. From Zikr - the act of remembrance." Zaahir and Hussain are obviously two different names. The meaning of word Hussain is literally a small or little Hasan. If you want to know meaning of Abduz Zahir in Bengali, Tamil, Malay, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Visit here for that meaning.. All Details about Abduz Zahir Name: Muslim groups believe that batin can be fully understood only by a figure with esoteric knowledge. The lucky number of Zahir name is 8 and also find similar names. The name Zahira (Arabic and Spanish) is the female equivalent of Zahir. and is of Arabic origin. Meaning & History Derived from Arabic ظهير (zahir) meaning "helper, supporter" . In a wider sense, it [4] is the inner meaning or reality behind all existence, the Zahir [4] being the world of form and the apparent meaning. ; A user from Missouri, U.S. says the name Zakir is of Arabic origin and means "Wisdom". is the largest, most detailed and most authentic Islamic baby name site on the Internet. Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. Zaheer Name Meaning. For Shia Muslims , that is the Imam of Time . And if the name starts with a dzoi it would read Dzhaahir, and would mean distinct or conspicuous. Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (1945–1987), Pakistani Islamic theologian, leader of the Ahl-i Hadith movement S. M. Zaheer (1947–), Indian actor Sajjad Zaheer (1905–1973), Urdu writer, Marxist ideologue and radical revolutionary in both India and Pakistan English words for ظاهر include apparent, visible, manifest, obvious, conspicuous, evident, seeming, patent, outstanding and evidential. Find Zahir multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in English, Arabic and Urdu. Certain esoteric interpretations of Islam maintain that the Quran has an exoteric or apparent meaning, known as zahir, but also an underlying esoteric meaning, known as batin, which can be interpreted only by a figure of esoteric knowledge. Zahir has 21 variants that are used in English and other languages. Zaheer name meaning is ally, supporter, blossomed, glowing, full of life and the lucky number associated with is 8. Meaning Of Abduz Zahir In Hindi: Muslim boy Abduz Zahir means Servant Of The Overt in English while the meaning of Abduz Zahir in Hindi & Urdu is Zahir ka bunda.